Believed on in the World

Series & Passage: 1 Timothy: Upholding Gospel Truth In The Church, 1 Timothy 3:16
Date: February 4, 2018
Location: Gospel Church Durango

Speaker: Tom Thiessen
Series: 1 Timothy: Upholding Gospel Truth In The Church
Passage: 1 Timothy 3:16

A mother took her disabled son to a faith healer. The faith healer prayed. When he had finished praying, and the boy was not healed, he looked down at the mother and said, “This is your fault, because you don’t have faith.” After all… Jesus said “And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.”

This man’s words were devastating to the mother, but is that the Good News Jesus really taught? In light of the cultural climate we can be skeptical of taking hold of God’s promises in faith. The harsh words of a man misusing scripture do not negate the word of God. Jesus did tell us that we can have whatever we ask in faith. The question now is what do we do with that information. Pastor Tom was faithful enough to proclaim what God’s word says about faith. We pray you will learn with us and that the spirit will give you faith to believe in Jesus.