The Gospel

We talk a lot about the gospel here.

What is the Gospel?

The gospel simply refers to the work of God in Christ, centered in the cross and resurrection, by which God is reconciling a people from every nation to himself through faith in Christ.

It is rooted in God’s election from before the foundation of the earth, necessitated by our rebellion against God in Adam, prefigured and promised throughout the scriptures, enacted by the incarnation of Christ the eternal Son of God, his sinless life, his substitutionary death, and confirmed by his resurrection from the dead, his appearing to his disciples, his ascension to the right hand of God to reign over the earth as King of the nations, and his pouring out his Holy Spirit to dwell in his church to begin remaking humanity in Christ. It will be completed when he returns to judge, raises the dead, brings his elect into everlasting life in the new heavens and the new earth, and sends his enemies to eternal punishment in hell. The salvation of this gospel is freely offered to all and is received by faith and repentance from sin, resulting from the new birth by the Holy Spirit. This gospel of the kingdom is coming in Christ, and all are urged to join freely by his grace today.

What is the Gospel? from Southern Seminary