Gospel Centered

Regardless of theological or cultural fads, the center of the Bible, the center of human history, and the center of our church is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


We tear down worldly philosophies and pursue a robustly Christian worldview. We don’t latch onto the latest winds of doctrine like postmodernism, feminism, wokeness, etc., but hold fast to the Scriptures. We pass this on to our kids by providing them with a robust Christian education.

Reformed Baptist

Our Reformed tradition informs not only our soteriology, but also our theology and worship more broadly. While we love and welcome our infant Baptist brothers, our conviction is that only believers are in covenant with Christ. We are  teaching through the 1689 London Baptist Confession in Sunday School to root ourselves in the confessional tradition.

Biblically Ordered

We are governed by qualified men in the offices of Elder and Deacon who are held to the biblical requirements for these offices. We minister Baptism and the Lord’s Supper as an expression of church membership and loving discipline.

Mission Driven

God has given us a mission to disciple Durango and the nations. We aim to baptize the nations and teach them to do everything Jesus commanded in every area of life. We have a multigenerational vision for this mission and we aim for eventual victory for Christ’s kingdom.

Devoted to Prayer

God’s house is to be a house of prayer for the nations. We pray extensively in Sunday worship and seek God’s Kingdom in our Wednesday night prayer meeting.


Christ unites all kinds of people together. Thus we resist modern trends of breaking people up into various identity groups and seek to keep families together in worship and church activities.

Culturally Engaged and Optimistic

We seek to engage the culture of our city rather than retreating from it. We do this by hosting public conferences and festivals, engaging in the arts, working for the good of others in our jobs, working together for Christian education in our homeschool co-op, opening our robust library to the community, caring for the needy (orphans and widows), etc. We believe that the kingdom of God will grow from the smallest seed to the largest tree in the garden.


Our worship is Biblical, Spirit-filled, and historically liturgical. It is reverent and joyful. We hear God’s Word, we pray, we sing Psalms, we preach expositionally, and we have weekly communion.